Monday, November 19, 2012

UF Football Game
August 31, 2012

We went to the opening game of the Gators.  It was incredibly hot and swampy! ...but we loved every minute of it! 

We arrived to find parking, just like it is everywhere in Gainesville, EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE.  It seriously cracks me up that no one has any regard for grass or sidewalks.  I think you can see below where we parked (for free and legally), half on the grass/half on the sidewalk.  I wish I would've backed up so you could see the long line of cars we were parked behind.  

Mid-way through the first quarter the boys were ready to strip all the way down to their undies so they could cool off, but we talked them into keeping their shorts on.  Luckily the concessions stands were handing out free cups of ice chips and I just kept going down and refilling the kids cups to keep them cool and hydrated.

After the game headed back to our car we saw this little gator just hanging out in the irrigation next to the sidewalk.   

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